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More Sherpa than customers reached the top in 2017: what is Everest today?

24 December, 2017|0 Comments

For the first time in the history of Everest there have been more Sherpa than climbers reaching the top. And this is not necessarily a negative trend. These are our observations.

“Dancing about architecture” An interview with Antoine Le Menestrel

12 December, 2017|0 Comments

His vertical poetry is a universal language that can cross borders, cultures, and generations, questioning the very dynamics through which we interact with our surrounding environment, particularly with our urban surroundings.

On the Javakheti Plateau. Along the pipeline redefining borders in the Caucasus

6 September, 2017|0 Comments

In the Javakehti Plateau of souther Georgia runs the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP), the main vector carrying gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey. The first tract of a network that will eventually channel gas across Anatolia, through Greece, Albania and Italy.

Adam Ondra makes history with Project Hard. The first 9c in history confirmed.

4 September, 2017|0 Comments

It's confirmed. Adam Ondra is now certain, Project Hard is the most difficult route ever sent as of today. A 9c, a grade that few in the world can really comprehend what it means. From our part, as commong mortals, in that 'grade' we see the combinatio of talent, determination and a life of sacrifices made by the strongest climber who ever lived.

  • Dalla vetta di Seneca Rocks, foto di Marcela Colmenares

Seneca Rocks, where escaping civilization is possible.

10 July, 2017|0 Comments

When Mike came up with the idea of making a trip to Seneca, there was no reason to think twice. The quartzite razorbacks of Seneca are so famous that it would have been worth going even with a flu.

  • Bears Ears, Bureau of Land Management

Climbers are furious with Donald Trump. And they are right.

23 May, 2017|0 Comments

The American president wants to place under review all 27 national monuments created since 1996. And the American Alpine Club, the Access Fund and the entire outdoor industry are not standing for it. Because the American wilderness is to be protected, not destroyed.

Nepal, from the earthquake to Trento Film Festival. Anatomy of a country on its knees.

10 May, 2017|0 Comments

Following the 2015 earthquake, Nepal is trying to leave behind the rubble to find once more a glimmer of autonomy. In fact, traditional economic activities are struggling to get back on their feet, partly also due to the direct effects of tourism, which although it is cloaked in healthy enthusiasm and good intentions, in the long run it has unmasked its own unsustainability, particularly in the most isolated and remote villages. Nepal and its crisis were topics of conversation at the Trento Film Festival

From London Catwalks to the Dolomites. Genesis of a Documentary

20 April, 2017|0 Comments

There was a clear contrast between my lifestyle in Belluno and the one I got used to in previous years. Not everyone knows that The Dolomites are a “place” that sits for the most part in the province of Belluno which touches and in some cases “owns” 5 of the nine Dolomitic Systems: Pelmo - Croda da Lago, Marmolada, Dolomiti Settentrionali, Dolomiti Friulane e D’oltre Piave, e le Pale di San Martino - San Lucano - Dolomiti Bellunesi - Vette Feltrine. The last ones in particular are at the center of the new Documentary recently aired on Geo, RAI 3.

Heinz Mariacher «Free to be a maverick»

21 March, 2017|0 Comments

Often controversial for his unconventional choices and approach, Heinz Mariacher maintains the healthy habit of saying what he thinks.

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