Alpinismi at a glance

Alpinismi at a glance

Today Alpinismi makes its debut. We have been talking about it for a while now, we know. We have been navigating from one social medium to another, trying not to overdo it, to create the right suspense, and to catch the attention of a ‘pioneer’ group of readers to whom we dedicate this first piece.

The genesis of Alpinismi spans a cycle of many months. Evenings, weekends, every spare moment spent organizing ideas produced by passion, at times delirious, sliding over a digital slackline stretched across the Atlantic like an umbilical cord. Step by step Fabrizio Goria and Emanuele Confortin have succeeded in triggering the right momentum, starting off this small, yet at the same time great, editorial project.

Logo Alpinismi

Alpinismi, il nostro logo.

Small, needless to say, because we are just starting. We enter the web arena with neither fame nor praise. Presumptuous to the bone, stubbornly talking about mountaineering even though we have yet to sign off any new routes this winter… maybe a north face, who knows. Great, because we want to go against the flow of modern journalism. This means choosing an unexplored niche, one that has been overlooked by the most prestigious papers, that is to describe the mountain in all its forms. It also means avoiding the bottleneck imposed by the combination of information and speed. For Alpinismi time is not everything, and news is not a commodity; for this reason we decided to go for slowness and narrative. We want to go back to entertaining ourselves, on an online space, but most of all we want to entertain you.

The rationale is clear. To write about mountains, about humans and their accomplishments. To succeed we rely on our contributors, starting with women, a founding pillar of Alpinismi; all of them, men and women, bound to the High Lands by their work, passion or fate. Alpinismi is natively digital, in Italian and English from the very beginning, without prejudices dictated by marketing, or necessarily having to chase clicks from readers absent-mindedly browsing social media, attracted by catchy headers.

It is through a slow approach that we want to make a difference. There will be few pieces, three a week, medium to long reads, regularly planned and scrupulously edited. Fixed releases and careful storytelling to retain you, our precious “twenty-five” readers who on that day will find a new story to read. Similarly, we will limit ourselves when resorting to social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  and Medium – so as to avoid the background noise that each one of them creates. We don’t want to be a screaming voice, rather we seek to be poised and reflective, just like the mountains we are so passionate about. We are not interested in shouting, shrieking, or in cheaply bought fake followers and extensive advertising campaigns on social media. What we care about is the quality of our work and the respect of our readers.

The readers. Nowadays used simply as money-making machines through profiling, clicks, invasive advertising; they have been gradually forgotten by those in our profession. We are forgetting to write for the reader. With Alpinismi we seek to consolidate that trust between journalist and user. How we will achieve this, you will find out little by little.

Expertise, precise editing, a neat style and a great deal of passion. This will be the journalism of Alpinismi. Ours is a long-term project, carried out first and foremost through the pleasure, both physical and mental, that mountains give us. Obviously, journalism implies writing, but also images. We firmly believe in photographic content, available in the section called “Diaphragms”, an area dedicated to pure “reportage”. The other container is Ethnography. A category dedicated to the cultures and traditions found in mountains, from the Himalaya to the Andes, and more generally in wild lands such as deserts or even some urban centers.

It is through passion that Alpinismi has been created. A “divertissement” that aims to make itself heard, in Italy and abroad. It would be useless to set limits, we told ourselves. In a world increasingly regulated by commercial interests, we will try to find that original spirit: ethics as a founding pillar of change. We will try, but to succeed we will need every one of you.

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The Editorial Staff

Translation by Chris Dowling @pherio

Cover Image “Monte Bianco” by Emanuele Confortin

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