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Fabrizio Goria

Born in 1984 in Turin, Fabrizio Goria is a journalist by trade, he writes about finance and central banks for the Corriere della Sera, and is the Editor-in-Chief of EastWest Online. To feel alive he wanders around the peaks over 3,000 metres. To feel even more alive he founded Alpinismi with Emanuele Confortin. Proudly alumni of the Scuola Graffer of Trento. He lives in Washington, DC, but dreams of Washington, the State.


Twitter: @FGoria


Emanuele Confortin

Independent journalist and photographer, he lives an hour away from the Dolomites. He is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines dealing mainly with crisis-hit areas, migrations, geopolitics and energy strategies. Holds a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures, his primary focus is on the Indian subcontintent (majored on the tribal traditions of Kinnaur, Indian Himalaya), travels between Asia and the Middle East for work. Since 2008 he manages and is co-founder of Alpinismi. Is a member of Officine Fotografiche. Hardened traveller, climbs wherever he can and whenever he can, ideally in the Dolomites and in good company.


Twitter: @EmaConfortin